Thursday, August 2, 2018

Women Helping Women

I first met Angel on a Facebook group called Women Helping Women  Entrepreneurs. We were talking about what we were doing as far as our business and she told me she was in the process of purchasing a website called the "Green Woman Store."

The "Green Woman Store" is a unique place where woman put their products or services on the website. There is no monthly fee and three options for payment. All the products sold on the site are by women for women. If you would like more information on this unique opportunity contact Angel at

 When one fills out the form to submit a product or service to "Green Woman Store" there is a prompt to include it in the "Treasures From the Universe" monthly box. You will receive wholesale price for your product or service to be incorporated into the box.

 "Green Woman Store" has a weekly podcast, which is prerecorded, geared towards woman. Anyone who has a story, product or service that they would like to promote is welcome to contact me or Angel to be a guest. Send an email with your website and a date and time we can discuss how you want to use the podcast and create an outline. A blog post will be created to promote the podcast by us and yourself. The podcast will be uploaded on YouTube and other media as well. We will send you the links.

To be a guest send an email to with "Podcast Guest" in the subject line. I will get back to you and confirm if the date requested is available or not. It is also important to let me know your time zone, I am on central time.


The "Green Woman Store" is a great way for women to uplift and encourage other women through the products and services they provide. If you have nothing to contribute please stop by and show some support to the other women who have a small business.

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