Thursday, June 7, 2018

Skin Care, Crystals & Kombucha Oh My!

I have been soooo busy these days with my business I hardly have time to blog, which I miss very much. I started my own business because one I love helping people and two I'm not going to work for someone else's dream, I have my own.

My Business

I started making organic skin care products for myself after learning how toxic store bought brands can be. At the same time I was learning about herbs over at the Herb Mentor. There are a number of herbalists on the site such as Rosemary Gladstar and Rosalee de la Foret. There are many more all have been herbalists for 15 to 25 years.

Okay so, my business got started with a salve I formulated. Southern Man drives a truck and let a woman try it at truck stop for her psoriasis. When he went back she asked where he got it and how she could get it. Word spread and my husband said you have something there. 

I formulated a whole skin care regime for my self and hesitate to share them with others due to their appearance. They do not look appealing, nor do they smell pretty, but they work and the complements on get on my skin on a regular basis are proof. So, I started selling my skin care products at a local farmer's market, but wasn't doing the business I hoped I would.

Unique Ingredients

Due to the fact the skin care business is so vast even the organic industry I had to find a way to stand out. I thought this would help selling at the market, but nope. The two unique ingredients I use in my products are Kombucha and infuse my water and oils with the mineral Shungite

Learning More

I wanted to learn more about formulating organic skin care products, so I searched around for a place I could get more knowledge. Unfortunately there is no place close by for me to do this, so unto the internet I went. I found some on the internet, but really liked "Create Your Skincare." I liked the fact that I have access to the information, including any updates, for the rest of my life. The course was great and I took the two part test to get certified in October 2017. The second part of the test I had to formulate a full skin care regimen for 3 fictitious clients. I really enjoyed that part and love to formulate custom skin care products for my clients.


I started brewing Kombucha about 2012 and if you ever brewed you know that it is a time process and can quickly take over the fridge. At that time I was the only one drinking it and I had a ton of it, so I stopped brewing. Then I had the idea to start brewing again and sell that at the market as well. I had one problem, at this time I had a banner that read "Heavenly Bodies" organic skin care. I was like hmmmm what does Kombucha have to do with skin care, so off to research I went. I spent 5 hours researching and it turns out it is very good for the skin. So, I started brewing, selling it at the markets and using it in my skin care products.


I have always been attracted to crystals. Some might think it is because they are so beautiful, but my studies have led to the energy. Everything around has a certain vibrational frequency including our bodies. The energy from the crystals can aid us with issues in our every day lives. Some are grounding, absorb negativity, are calming the list goes on.

I wanted to bring the benefits of crystals to others, so I started making jewelry, key chains and prisms to sell at the market. The majority of what I create is unique one of a kind items. After us women do not like to see another woman wearing the same thing. There are some items I have duplicated due to requests. I also create one of a kind items upon request at the market and on my website. 

Essential Oil Diffusers

Right now the thing that I am asked the most is if I have diffuser bracelets, the answer is yes. I create diffuser bracelets with lava beads, wood beads and crystal beads. I do not use any other materials because I feel the interaction with the oils may cause a negative effect. 

The diffuser necklaces I create does have a silver bead cap that the lava bead sits in, but it sits up on it rather than in it. Some of my customers us them in their cars over the rear view mirror. Love products that are versatile. 


So as you have read I am busy!! I do miss blogging, but a lot of the blogs I write require research. I spend hours doing research to ensure I am writing the most factual information I can. Looking at website after website to seek out consistences. I also listen to various speakers and webinars that deal with living a happy, healthy natural life while I tend to my many artistic creations. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again real soon. Oh almost forgot, my Southern Man and I are working on starting an online radio station in the near future, so watch out for that also.

Do you sell at a local farmer's market? If so what do you sell?


  1. Joyce, you have been busy and productive. Your skin product ideas sound very promising as does your jewelry and diffuses.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Blogger's Pit Stop

  2. I loved reading your story! You are very diverse in your talents and creative in your products! Thank you!!