Thursday, September 15, 2016

Rose Quartz & Skin Elixir

Rose Quartz is known as the crystal of unconditional love. It is beneficial with those who seek to bond with those they truly care to bond with more deeply.

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This crystal has a feminine energy which contributes to compassion, tenderness, healing, comfort, peace and nourishment. Sounds like a mommy doesn't it? Rose Quartz resonates with heart chakra and aids with eliminating fears, wounds and resentment and for us to fully love and receive love from others. Not only does it aid with loving others, but also everything that is beautiful in the world art, music, nature etc.

     Use Rose Quartz for the Following

  • To deal with the lose of a mother
  • Place on the abdomen of pregnant women
  • Keep near when giving birth
  • Create a circle of Rose Quartz around the food of a baby to aid with colic & feeding issues
  • Strengthen a romantic relationship learn how to create a love alter here
  • Place under the pillow for beautiful dreams or aid with fear of the dark
  • Wear Rose Quartz or carry for dealing with trauma, emotions and to deal with change
  • Place a large Rose Quartz unpolished crystal in the work place to disband gossip 
  • Wear or carry those who are in the beauty consultation business

Physical Healing with Rose Quartz

  • Rub a polished stone lightly over a blister or burn for relief or create an elixir
  • May aid in reducing scars
  • Create an elixir to aid with various skin issues related to aging
  • Carry, wear or create an elixir to aid with various heart issues works for children also
  •  An elixir would benefit clearing the fluids in the cells of the body
  • Aids with kidneys
  • Aids with the adrenal gland 
  • Place on the thymus for chest or lung issues
  • Aids with vertigo 
  • Supports the female reproductive system
  • Great for women who have had a difficult delivery 

Rose Quartz for Mental & Emotional Issues

  • For those who have never known love
  • Dissolves unresolved issues of the heart sorrows, fears, worries, resentments etc
  • Aids with self love

Other Information about Rose Quartz

Element -  Water
Hardness - 7
Vibrates to - 7
Planet - Venus
Zodiac - Scorpio, Tauras, Libra 
Chakra - Heart

Rose Quartz for the Skin

In Egypt it was known that Rose Quartz had many benefits for the skin. Masks were created from the crystal and used as a beauty treatment. I would imagine that they must have been heavy. There is a easier way to get the benefits from this crystal for out skin.

Rose Quartz Elixir 

Before you start be sure to charge the crystal with your intentions. So, let's say you want to attack those wrinkles you can say "Thank you for eliminating my eye wrinkles." This has to be heart felt and you want to be holding the crystal and repeating your intention multiple times until you feel comfortable that your intention has been recorded in the crystal. 

Any type of glass container
Filtered water do not use tap water
1 or more Rose Quartz crystals

Place the water and crystals in a glass container and place it outside during the full moon (full moon tomorrow September 16, 2016) do not put out in the sun as the UV rays will cause it to fade. Remember color has a frequency and the lose of color will cause the crystal to lose energy. 

You can also make the elixir when there is no full moon just place the crystals in water and let it sit for 24 hours. 

It is recommended that you only make what you will use as the healing properties fade quickly.


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