Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

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Our World is Energy

Everything around us is energy. We are energy and contain an electromagnetic field. This energy is vital for good health. When it becomes blocked or bombarded by the synthetic electromagnetic field our health is compromised. Every day we come in contact with this synthetic energy through electrical appliances, cell towers, power lines, cell phones, computers etc. We wonder why our society is so sick. Some do not believe that these things can contribute to or hinder our health, but they do.
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We have 7 primary chakras which are portals, so to speak, of energy. Each chakra is associated with various organs or mental aspect of our bodies. These can become cluttered and need to be cleansed which can easily be done through meditation. Using a crystal can aid in this process, just be sure to cleanse the crystal when you are done. Learn about the chakras and what ailments coincide with each one here.

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Here is the meditation I use to clear and activate my chakras.

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All of the products I create and sell on the Heavenly Bodies website are geared towards increasing our energy or vibrational frequency. Stop by for a visit and if there is something you need that I don't have I'll get it for you, all you have to do is ask.

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