Thursday, November 16, 2017

KoKum Butter

I first found out about Kokum butter while shopping at one of my favorite companies for ingredients to create skin care products. Because I want to be unique and different from other formulators I'm always looking for unique ingredients.

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Where Does Kokum Butter Come From?

Kokum butter comes from a tree, Garcinia Indica, which yields a fruit commonly used as a spice in the southern part of India where this tree grows. However, the seeds of this fruit is where the oil is extracted from to create Kokum butter.

Benefits for the Skin

  • Absorbs into the skin quickly
  • Does not clog pores
  • Aids with acne
  • Soothes dry skin quickly
  • Tightens pores
  • Regenerates skin cells
  • Fights free radicals
  • Promotes skin elasticity
  • Softens the skin 
  • Aids in repairing skin damage
  • Aids with rashes
  • Aids with burns
  • Aids with scalds 
  • Aids with skin ulcers
  • Aids with skin infections
  • Reduces stretch marks
  • Reduces scarring
  • Reduces callouses
  • Reduces dry, rough skin on feet 
  • Has antioxidant properties due to the vitamin E
  • Antibacterial properties

Benefits for the Hair

  • Reduces dandruff
  • Doesn't clog hair follicles
  • Aids with dry hair
  • Aids with split ends
  • Aids with hair growth 
  • Aids with stronger hair
  • Manageable hair
As you can see Kokum butter has many benefits for both the skin and hair, view products that contains this butter. 

Have you ever used Kokum butter? If so leave a comment sharing your experience. 


  1. I have never used this before. However, I am now pretty curious about it and will be returning to look at the products.