Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Full Moon Elixirs & Energizing Crystals

Tonight, Wednesday September 6, 2017, is a full moon this is the perfect time to create elixirs and energize our crystals. It is also a great time to start infusions. My time is tight, so I am not able to include all the research. This means you will need to do some work to find out certain information, but I will give you the basics and what to look for along with links to some of the websites I use and trust.

Creating Elixirs with the Full Moon 

Creating elixirs during the full moon aids with creating a more powerful elixir as the water is energized by the moon along with the crystals. Chose a crystal or crystals for the purpose you desire, this may require some research be sure they are of 5 hardness or higher and non-toxic. If you wish to use a crystal that is toxic see how to use them below. 
  • Cleanse the crystal/crystals only use polished crystals
  • Program the crystals with your intentions
  • Place the crystals in a glass container with filtered water the size depends on how much you want to make 
  • Place a cloth over the container, such as a paper towel secured with a rubber band to keep debris out
  • Put the container outside in the sun on the day of the full moon until the next day or just put it out for the energy of the full moon
  • You can also write your intention on a piece of paper and place it under the container

Creating an Elixir with Toxic Crystals

Place a small glass bowel into a bigger glass bowel, put the toxic crystals inside the smaller bowel and fill the bigger bowel with water.  This will infuse the water with the energies and healing properties of the crystals while keeping the water free from toxins. 

Using the Crystal Infused Water

As I said above the amount of water will depend on how much you want to make and how you will be using it. An elixir created to heal may be ingested or used to wash the area of concern or both. Elixirs can be created for healing, protection, love or prosperity. Using just the infused water does not hold the energy for more than a day or two, so keep this in mind when determining how much to create. It can be added to vodka, brandy or apple cider vinegar to preserve the energies for a longer period of time. You can also create tea with the water if you wish, but I would not heat the water as you will lose the energizes instead let sit in the sun after removing the crystals. This is something I have not done at this time only researched it, so check out this video if you are interested. In the video she speaks about infusing Reiki energy into the water. You can easily do this as well, as water can be programmed. This video will show you how, I know she might be a little annoying to listen to, but it's a good video.
Photo Credit Pintrest

Energizing Crystals

If you just want to fill your crystals with more energy this is a great way to do it, is simple and takes a small amount of time. Just gather up your crystals, I like to cleanse mine before the next step, and place them somewhere outside where they will not get rained on or disturbed by wildlife or pets. They do not have to be directing in the moon light. You can place them on a tray if you want or something else to keep them off of any dirt or just make it easier to transport them from in doors to out doors. 

Infusions & the Full Moon to New Moon Cycle

Okay here is a little bonus for your. When we start our infusions on the day of the full moon we do not have to wait the traditional six weeks to use it. This is because between the full moon and the new moon the energy is stronger and aids in extracting the medicinal properties from the herbs. Herbal infusions are commonly used to create skin care products or a herbal elixir. If you wish to learn more I suggest taking a look at some videos on YouTube. Mountain Rose Herbs has a channel, but those are more for skin care.

All in a Day

Okay, thank you for reading I hope this was helpful. Now I am off to prepare my crystals for the full moon for both energizing and creating an elixir. I love using Rose Quartz for it's loving energy plus it makes the water taste sweeter. I also have to infuse my herbs for my elixir that I use for dealing with the change of life and my Soothe & Cleanse.

Helpful Sites for Crystal Information

If this has been helpful please share, have a question? Ask away, just want to share your experience? Please do always love to hear about what others are doing or have done. 

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