Thursday, February 2, 2017

Wind Proof Jewelry Stand for Out Door Events

I do two farmer's markets every week and during the winter months here in Louisiana it gets windy. The last two Sundays at the market my stand for holding my handcrafted crystal necklaces kept blowing down. It was so windy I had to take my tent down. After setting up the jewelry stand and having it blow again and again I just took the necklaces off the stand and laid them on the table. With the tent gone my chalk board signs down and the jewelry stand down my booth was not inviting at all.
Not my tent
Now let me just back a bit. This past summer, on my birthday no less, a wind came out of no where, blew my tent over the low fence next to me, and then started to rain. It was horrible, I struggled to get my tent back over the low fence and had a couple of young women stop to help. I could not close the frame back up it looked like a dead spider.

The wind is the biggest enemy for vendors at any out door event. Needless to say I have been traumatized by the event. While I have taken steps to secure my tent I didn't think about my display, until now. I woke up Monday thinking of ways to wind proof my display and then searched Pintrest for some inspiration.

Jewelry Stand

Photo credit

This is what I found on Pintrest and was my source of inspiration. I liked this idea because I have not seen any other jewelry vendor use it. The container in the image is to small and everything I had around the house was as well. 

I went to the dollar store and found a round vase with a big base, some stones, glass stones and sand. Now for a trip to Hobby Lobby. I went to the floral department in search of something to use and found some branches. When I walked up to my husband with them he easily broke one off and said that's not going to work. We happened to be in the wrought iron department and began to look for something there. He spotted a tree that we both agreed would be perfect. 

Tree Jewelry Stand Holder

I placed the bigger rocks in the bottom of the vase while making sure my tree was centered. Then I added some of the glass stones to fill in the gaps. Lastly I began to add the sand while at the same time adding more of the glass stones until the sand was gone and topped of the vase with the remaining glass stones. 

What I really like about this idea, outside of the fact it is wind proof, is that I can twist some of the branches out separating the necklaces for easy viewing. 

Do you display at events? 
What has been your biggest challenge? 
Have you been able to resolve the issue?